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Submitted on
December 26, 2013
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Baking Realm Citizen Contest *CLOSED*

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 26, 2013, 9:58 PM
Hello everyone! With much thought and pushes from peeps I have finally decided to open up a Citizen Contest of my own for Princess Cutiepie's Kingdom the Baking Realm! yayy 

I'm basically asking you to make a character which resides in the Baking Realm and you could win Prizes Wow! 

The Baking Realm

- Located past the Rock Candy Mountains near the ancient ruin of what is now called Pari or Pari-s, discovered by former rulers of the Baking Realm. Once they discovered the ruins of Pari-s the royals of the Baking Realm began to use and speak the ancient text they had discovered (French) along with other ancient languages (Some European; German, Italian)   
- Since this Kingdom is close to the famous Candy Kingdom, some of their citizens have flowed over to the Baking Realm, thus having an assortment of both Candy and Baked Citizens. 

Baked/Sweet Citizens

-   Citizens of the Baking Realm consist of baked and sugary sweet hybrids. 
      - Hybrids can be Human/Baked Good like Princess Cutiepie or Sweets/Rabbit like Andre
  Do not be afraid to get creative with this as long as they have some sweet DNA the possibilities are endless!
      - Not all citizens are humanoid! Some can be walking living cakes, pies and cookies! 
Whatever you want! Make sure it's sugar filled!

The Popular fashion of the Kingdom revolves around 50's style clothing. (Very conservative and wholesome)
There are some that don't follow this dress code. But they would most likely be from outside the Kingdom originally.

There are many jobs in the Baking Realm besides just being a baker. The Kingdom proudly encourages their citizens to show case their talents and or hobbies!

Here are a couple of examples for jobs:
- Shop Keeper ( shop of your choice of course)
- Cafe Owner ( it's the Baking Realm there are many of these including restaurants) 
-  Cooks 
- Musicians   
-  Artists
-  Liberian
- Farmers
- Castle Staff ( Knights, Maids etc.)  (Please don't make me have to limit the openings on castle staff, just try not to abuse it)

:star: EDIT: No Guards allowed because I already have an idea for them. Sorry!  

Lots of common jobs are in the kingdom! 
You Do Not Have To Follow The List I Have Here. They Can Be/Do Any Job That You Think Suits The Baking Realm!


- You do not have to ask to join, just join!
- 2 submissions per person
-  Must have a Full Bio for your character! (Name, Personality, Likes/Dislikes, occupation, age and some background information ect.)
- Submission must be posted on this journal on the comments below!


Well that's about it! Have fun guys! Hopefully a good number of you will enter! ;v; 

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This is such a fun idea, I am working on one and hope to have it done soon, I may do two....but idk yet. Thanks for letting us be a part of your creative process!
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